Serentity Hill Sounds offers a unique, professional recording environment and the opportunity to work with a trained, experienced and versatile audio engineer.

Studio Features

  • Cadac J Series Console
  • TL Audio Valve Preamps
  • Audient Class A Preamps
  • SSL G Series Compressor
  • Outboard effects  by Ensoniq, Lexicon, Sony, Alesis, Yamaha
  • Microphones by Shure, AKG, Rode, Neumann, Electrovoice, Blue, Telefunken
  • Synths by Ensoniq, Alesis, Roland
  • Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs): Logic, Protools, complete with a range of fully licenced audio plugins and soft-synths
  • Digital Audio Converters: Motu, Audient
  • Guitars and Bass: Fender, Fernandez, Yamaha, Tune, Art Luthier


At Serenity Hill Sound we offer very reasonable pricing. As each project differs, contact us and let us know your needs so we can work out a reasonable price for your project.