Event Lighting’s M1S75W is available for sale now. Our hire units will be available in January.

Here’s a quick video overview of the M1S75W.

Despite its smaller form factor, the unit includes features only found in top-end moving head spots in the market. With its incredible brightness and lux this 75Watt moving spot has output comparable to a 250Watt discharge lamp. Without the ongoing cost of replacing expensive lamps. Multiple control options are available in this fixture with a gobo wheel and colour wheel on hand offering a host of dynamic, eye popping effects that will be sure to leave audiences delighted, with fast movement and wide pan and tilt range. Professional features include an interchangeable rotating gobo wheel, prism effects, strobe, frost, electronically controlled focus, and motorized ‘fast speed’ iris for beam shaping and incredible aerial effects. You can even manually change the beam angle between 11 and 16 degrees.
In addition to DMX, the M1S75W offers RDM (Remote Device Management) and can be operated manually in Stand-Alone, Sound Active and Master-Slave Modes. Other standard features include large flippable LCD battery powered menu, an automatic temperature controlled fan, and upgradable DMX with wireless option. It is equipped with 7 gobos and an 11-16° degree beam angle with 9530 lux at @2.5M at 11°. The unit is controllable in 4DMX modes and includes 3 pin (upgradeable to 5) DMX In/Out and genuine Neutrik PowerCON connectors. Designed to provide maximum innovation and creativity for lighting designers, with high output, accurate precision and crisp clear projection.

Ideal for installation into medium sized venues, stage productions, touring and DJ gigs. Road cases also readily available.

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