Just arrived!

Serenity Hill Sound has just taken possession of a shipment of the new TURBOSOUND SIENA series of speakers including the TSP122-AN and TSP152-AN — 2,500W, 2-way, full-range powered loudspeakers suited for a wide range of portable and fixed installation speech and music sound reinforcement applications. The TSP122-AN features a 12” low-frequency driver while the TSP152-AN has a 15” driver. Both have titanium dome 1” compression drivers for high frequency reproduction, KLARK TEKNIK amplifiers and DSP and ULTRANET connectivity.

Subs incoming!

We are expecting a shipment of the TSP118B-AN 3000 watt subs mid week. We will have 20 SIENA cabinets available in our hire inventory which will be available with Behringer x32 consoles.

The alternate connectivity enables us to run all our small PA systems using cat 5 to our stage boxes, FOH speakers and foldback wedges. ULTRANET also allows remote control of the speakers onboard DSP direct from the X32 console.

Need a demo?

If you would like to look at purchasing this technology for your venue let us know and we will arrange a demonstration. We will have all cabinets in stock and available for sale by the end of the week.

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